Rachel’s Story

Hear from Rachel, the winner of the Lifecard Personal Health Record App competition.

Rachel has been a member of Diabetes Victoria since 2007.

I’m a registered mental health nurse of more than 20 years, married and have my 10th wedding anniversary this year. I love to travel, grow my own veggies, do some craft work and I have recently taken up weight training.

I have had diabetes for 15 years, originally being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and shortly later type 1. I have been using a Medtronic insulin pump for the last 10 years, which I found much more convenient for my lifestyle than MDIs (multiple daily injections), and currently using a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) that I find great and really appreciate.

At times I find my diabetes a daily struggle, other times it is smooth sailing. A few years ago, I was really struggling, so I got a scholarship and enrolled in the Diabetes Educator course, which I completed in 2016. This really helped me with my diabetes and enabled me to help others – especially being a mental health nurse.

I now have a great team supporting me – this has made a difference in managing my diabetes.

I have been using the Lifecard app for over a month now and find it to be fantastic. I can record all my measurements, medications and reminders – so when I go to the doctor it was all on my phone and he was impressed. It’s very easy to use as well. I was totally surprised that I actually won the competition, so thank you very much.

The best bit of advice I have been given about diabetes is when I was really having a hard time with my diabetes a diabetes educator said to me, “don’t beat yourself up about it Rachel, you are doing the best you can do – let’s start again from the beginning and work through it all.” She re-educated and supported me. It was one of the turning points for me.

– Rachel

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