Improve your quality of care

Empower your patients to take charge of their health

Lifecard can be accessed and managed via smartphone, tablet or desktop. This gives users the convenience of accessing their healthcare information whenever they need it.


Improve patient trust and relationships

Provide exceptional care for your patients and clients.

Encourage behavioural change

Empower your patients to maintain their health and wellbeing.

Care team engagement

Clinicians can send information to Lifecard and the Lifecard owner can share information with other Lifecard users.

Stand out. Provide a point of difference

Empower your patients to take control of their health

Better patient engagement means better patient outcomes in general practice, specialist, community and allied health settings.

Securely send health documents, measurements and results to your patient’s Lifecard account directly from your clinical software.

Lifecard uses Secure Message Delivery to facilitate the exchange of data from your clinical system to Lifecard. This ensures patient data remains secure.

Stand out with Lifecard PHR
Offer Lifecard to stand out
Share pregnancy records with Doctor

Have your patient share their record with you

Provide ongoing, quality care

If your patients use Lifecard you will have a holistic view of their health and wellbeing. Patients can track: observations, measurements, over-the-counter medicines, prescriptions, natural medications and any other relevant health-related information. This information can help to better diagnose patients and improve patient outcomes.

The Lifecard app encourages your patients to track their progress so that together you can achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

Share records with Doctor

Send information directly to your patient’s Lifecard inbox

Send to Lifecard via Secure Messaging

Lifecard uses ReferralNet as the Secure Messaging provider. Healthcare practitioners can use ReferralNet or any Interoperable service, such as Telstra Health’s Argus, to send information directly to a Lifecard account.

Contact our team to find out how we can assist you in using Lifecard in your practice.

Sending information to an individual’s Lifecard

Setup the capability to send from your clinical and practice management system to Lifecard.

You will need ReferralNet or Argus to send information to your patient. The Global Health team will be able to help you with this.

Talk to your patients about Lifecard Personal Health Record.

You can direct them to the website for more information.

Send your patient information via Secure Message Templates.

Ensure the patient’s first and last name, date of birth and email are all entered into your clinical system.

Complete any SMD template and send via secure messaging to Lifecard (a contact available in your address book).

Encourage your patient to use the platform and continue to send measurements and documents to the patient for ongoing care.

The patient can also share their Lifecard Record with you, so you can view it at any time.

Lifecard Personal Health Record

Download Lifecard Personal Health Record

Download the Lifecard PHR App and create a Lifecard account.

Lifecard Personal Health Record

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