Lifecard for Over 60’s


Track your blood pressure, heart rate and other measurements as well as medications and medical conditions


Set reminders for appointments, physical movement or to take your medication on time


Share your Lifecard account with your family, doctor or anyone else

Take control of your health

Manage your health information from anywhere

Lifecard is a single spot to manage health conditions. This includes regular reminders for upcoming appointments, to take your medication on time or to stay physically active.
Lifecard users can record all over-the-counter and prescription medications they are taking, so they can easily view this data when they need to, as well as take any notes of side affects or notable changes that could be beneficial for their healthcare provider to know.

Making life easier

No more searching for old referrals or medical documents, access your health information anywhere, anytime
from your smartphone, tablet or computer.
Lifecard enables you to store any medical or health related documentation or imagery within the app.

Share your record with those that matter

Securely invite loved ones or healthcare providers to view,
edit or have full access to your health record.
Plus, create sub accounts for dependents.

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