Manage your pregnancy

with Lifecard

Share your Lifecard account with your partner, family and doctor, allowing them access to your record if you wish.

Monitor your key pregnancy measurements and symptoms, see your most important measurements at a glance on the Lifecard dashboard.

Capture and upload images and documents directly to the app from your phone, so that all your medical information is saved in a central spot.

Keep in control throughout each stage of your pregnancy

Lifecard makes it easy to stay in control throughout your pregnancy, allowing you to log and track your health data from the palm of your hand.

Easy access to keep you on track

Lifecard is accessible via web browser or app, giving you full control to view your health data from laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone. Lifecard helps you to stay in control of your health. Key in important information such as any medications you’re taking along with any reactions or allergens.

Taking your health into your hands

Track your pregnancy, how you feel, and changes throughout each trimester. Monitor your cholesterol levels, body temperature, heart rate, and sleep patterns, measure your uterus fundal height, to assess foetal growth and development, and keep track of your weight, blood pressure, foetal heart rate, foetal movement and your daily step count.

Keeping you connected

Securely share your Lifecard account with loved ones or healthcare providers to view, edit or fully access your health record. Have measurements, results, referrals and other documents sent directly to your Inbox, and receive notifications when new messages arrive. Set notifications for important activities such as appointment reminders for peace of mind throughout your pregnancy.

Baby brain be gone

Book appointments, set reminders and tasks and keep all your pregnancy notes all in one place. If your OBGYN is also using Lifecard you can give them permission to view your account and keep them up to date with your pregnancy progress. They can send your results or documents to your Lifecard account.

Keeping you in the know

The Lifecard pregnancy app shares interesting articles and information that may be beneficial for you during your pregnancy to keep you up to date and educated, after all the more you know the better prepared you are.

Gestational diabetes pregnancy

Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy. Most women will no longer have diabetes after the baby is born, however some women will continue to have high blood glucose levels after delivery. Easily track your AIC and blood sugar, and monitor your glucose levels throughout your pregnancy so you can detect Gestational diabetes as early as possible. Gestational diabetes is diagnosed when higher than normal blood glucose levels first appear during pregnancy. Learn more about Gestational diabetes on the Diabetes Victoria page, who Lifecard are proud partners with.

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You will be able to purchase the Pregnancy vertical through our Marketplace for a small monthly price.

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Lifecard Personal Health Record

Lifecard Personal Health Record

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