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For wherever you are in life

Manage your ongoing or short-term health conditions, travel and maintain your family’s health records with Lifecard.

Lifecard is great for a wide range of health conditions, however there are specific modules to further assist those people living with diabetes, pregnancy and people over 60.

Available on your phone, tablet or computer; Lifecard gives you the flexibility to manage your record wherever you are in the world.

Take complete control of your health

Keep track of your progress in Lifecard as you work towards reaching your goals.


Measure your health and track your progress

Health Records

Easily access and share your health records


Capture your health data from multiple sources


One app to track your health

See a combined view of all your health data. Lifecard PHR Phone App

A holistic view

Lifecard PHR organises your data from various sources Data Sources Lifecard

Keep your family's records together

Easily create and access your family members' Lifecards. Track Family Records
Lifecard Personal Health Record

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