Our Partnership Continues – Diabetes Victoria and Lifecard

We are so excited to start another year as proud partners with Diabetes Victoria.

1 in 4 Australian adults over 25 either have diabetes or have impaired glucose metabolism and to date there is no cure in sight. We feel by partnering with Diabetes Victoria, it enables us to work towards achieving our common goal of empowering and supporting Victorians living with diabetes. The Lifecard app can significantly assist with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and can help the management of diabetes to reduce the risk of developing additional complications.

Last year our partnership took lift off at the Diabetes Expo where we showcased the many ways in which Lifecard is beneficial to those living with diabetes. Throughout the year we held competitions, gave away great prizes and subscriptions to Lifecard accounts for free, but most importantly it gave us the opportunity to engage more and more with the diabetes community so that we were able to gain a greater knowledge of their needs by listening to their stories and hearing their feedback.

Our vision at Global Health is to have a Connected Health platforms focused on the delivery of value to our clients, both consumers and healthcare providers. For us this is:

  • Providing a complete single view of the healthcare consumer for improved care decisions
  •  Providing a smooth end-to-end experience for patients, administrators and clinicians
  • Prioritising interoperability across the multiple touch points and devices for a healthcare consumer across the healthcare eco-system

In doing this we are putting the patient at the centre of the healthcare eco-system, and empowering them to stay involved and informed of their own health. The Lifecard app is just one piece of this puzzle, but the piece which will give consumers the capability to be pro-active in their own health journey and as the medium for consumers to engage their care teams. The Lifecard app:

  •  Gives a holistic view of all their health data in the one app
  •  Has the ability to receive health information from their healthcare team direct into the app
  • Is a personally owned place to easily store health documents, which can be accessed and viewed by healthcare professionals for informed decision making

Partnering with Diabetes Victoria give us the opportunity to learn more about the diabetes community, and we are looking forward to what the next year will bring.