3 Tips on Eating Better & Exercising More

It can be hard to stick to your health and wellness goals when you work full-time and have a life outside of the workplace. It can start to feel like work and other obligations  ‘get in the way’ of the things you want to achieve. But incorporating exercise and healthy eating into your work-day routine can help keep you on track to achieving your goals.


Figuring out what your wellness goals actually are can help you pinpoint the best way to achieve them. What sort of exercise do you want to try? How much time, realistically, can you commit to working out and prepping food? Can you squeeze in a yoga class or a brisk walk on your lunch break? Find out if your workplace offers workplace fitness or wellness classes/workshops and go to them!

In addition to planning and scheduling your workouts, meal planning is a great way to really kick your wellness plan into gear. Set aside some time for meal prep on the weekends. This doesn’t necessarily mean bulk cooking, it can be as simple as writing out your lunches and dinners for the week and organising a shopping list. This will make your trip to the supermarket more efficient and will help you to pack your lunches for the work week, which will not only save you time and money but will limit the opportunity for buying takeaways and unhealthy snacks on your lunch break which can easily sabotage your health goals.



Keep workouts fresh. Try something different every few weeks, both to keep up your interest in working out and to keep your body guessing!

When it comes to healthy eating, you have been told time and again that a varied diet is the healthiest, so try and eat a wide range of fruits and vegetable, seeds, grains, and meats. This will help you get all the nutrients you need from your diet without having to add in supplements or fancy powders that just add another element to your wellness plan.




You can take workplace meetings outside and walk, or commit to walking to and from work if this is feasible for you. Sneaking in your workouts is a great way to move – everyday movement counts! Running errands, traveling on foot or bike riding, getting of the train or tram a couple of stops early and walking the rest of the way, taking the stairs instead of the elevator – make incidental exercise your friend!


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