About Lifecard Patient Portal

An online portal for patients to easily complete their admission forms

Allow your patients to easily complete their admission form, anytime.


Your logo, your URL, your portal, your form. No matter how your patient interacts with your hospital, keep your branding consistent. Plus, we can customise the completed form to look just like your current printed forms!


Data is encrypted and stored in Australia data centres. Choose to enforce two-factor authentication for your patients.

Save time

Reduce data entry, check who has completed their forms or who have not started yet.

All-round care

Our patient portal can save essential information to a patient’s Lifecard record so they can access this information where ever they are.

Why use our Patient Portal?

Whether you use Global Health’s MasterCare PAS or another Patient Administration System, our patient portal will save you time and money, plus it will enhance the customer experience.

Our patient portal is powered by Lifecard. This means that patients can use the same login as your Patient Portal to manage their health via the Lifecard App. Allowing them to view past pre-admission forms, save medication, allergy and medical data in between visits and record key measurements important to their surgery.

Patients can easily fill out hospital pre-admission forms prior to visiting you for their surgery

The information provided automatically goes to your MasterCare PAS, reducing the need to re-key.

Getting started with our Patient Portal


In the first phase we workshop the possible options for your patient portal. We discuss what level of customisation you need, what additional questions we need in our forms, what workflow will suit your hospital and if you want two-factor authentication enabled for your consumers.


Your paper pre-admission forms are turned into electronic version available via a unique web URL. If you are using MasterCare PAS, we will integrate the Patient Portal with your MasterCare PAS.

Ready to go

Your consumers can start filling in their pre-admission forms via any device. Your staff can login to the administration dashboard to see who has started their forms and proactively offer help to those who are midway through.

Stand out. Provide a point of difference

Empower your patients to take control of their health after leaving your hospital

Better patient engagement means better patient outcomes for recovery.

Give your patients the tools they need to ensure an effective recovery. Tell them what measurements they need to be tracking post-discharge so that they can show their specialists how they are going when after they leave your care.

Patients can record what medications they are taking (prescribed from your hospital, their GP and over the counter medications) for a holistic picture of their health.
Further, based on your plan for recovery, they can set reminders in-app to undertake specific exercises or take a particular medication.
Finally, Lifecard is integrated with Secure Messaging, which means you can send information from your Secure Message platform to a patient’s Lifecard as needed.
Stand out with Lifecard PHR


Get in touch

Patients are now expecting healthcare organisations to be offering digital solutions, ensure you are on the front foot with going digital. Contact our Lifecard team to start the conversation.

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