5 ways Lifecard is suitable for people living with asthma

According to Asthma Australia 1 in 9 people are affected by asthmahowever many of those suffering asthma related symptoms do not manage their condition as well as they could.  

We’ve put together 5 ways that the Lifecard app is not only suitable, but also beneficial for those living with asthma.

1 Management  

Lifecard is a single spot to manage your health conditions. This includes regular reminders to take preventative asthma puffers. Lifecard users can set reminders to take their preventative medication each day, in order to reduce the reliance on Ventolin 

Lifecard users can record all the medications they are taking to manage their asthma, plus other over-the-counter or prescription medications so they can easily view this data when they need to. 

2 Easy to access Asthma Plan 

Users can save images or files to their Lifecard record for easy access. No longer do you need to scroll back through your camera roll, or carry around your hard copy the GP printed off. Save the asthma action plan to your Lifecard attachments so all your medical related information is in one app.  


3 Sharable records 

Lifecard allows users to share their record with other Lifecard users. This means that elderly parents can share their asthma related parts of the medical record with their children, those that require care can share it with their carers, or anyone can share it with their medical provider.  

4 Family centric 

Further to the sharing capability of Lifecard, users of the phone or web app can create sub accounts, particularly useful for keeping track of childrens health records, including medication records, medical history, planned and past immunisations and more.  

5 Easily track asthma related measurements  

Lifecard allows for the tracking of several asthma related data types; including patient record outcome measures. Some of the measures or outcome measures users can record data against include: 


  • Peak Flow Test L/Minute  
  • Number of asthma spells in a week 

Outcome measures and surveys:  

  • My chest felt tight because of asthma in the past 7 days 
  • I felt wheezy because of my asthma in past 7 days 
  • I coughed because of my asthma in past 7 days 
  • It was hard for me to play sports or exercise because of my asthma in past 7 days 
  • My asthma bothered me in past 7 days 
  • I got tired easily because of my asthma in past 7 days 
  • I had asthma attacks in past 7 days 

The information captured can be used to easily inform your doctor or specialist more accurately on your current condition. 

Lifecard has started work on integration with Apple Health and Google Fit. The first phase of this integration will see data like your Peak Flow or Forced Expiratory rate automatically added to the Lifecard app from integrated devices, such as the SmartOne App with the MIR Smart One Spirometer.  

The integration will also see data such as heart rate and steps automatically added into Lifecard from Apple Health and Google Fit integrated devices, allowing those affected by asthma to pick up on trends around level of exercise or activity compared to how severe their asthma was on a day or in a week. 

How to get started with Lifecard 

You can create a Lifecard account via the website’s “Join” tab in the top right corner, or by downloading the app for free via the Apple App or Google Play stores using the buttons below, whichever is your preference.


Start by adding your medication and reminders, followed by searching for relevant measurements in your measurements section of the app. To add a new measurement, click on the icon in the bottom right of the measurements screen on the phone apps, or click in the search bar on the web app.  

Once you search for the measurement, toggle the switch to be green. You can add the measurements to your dashboard by clicking the heart next to the measurement back on your measurements screen.  

You might want to consider:  

  • Weight  
  • Peak Flow Test L/Minute  
  • Number of asthma spells in a week 
  • My asthma bothered me in past 7 days 
  • I had asthma attacks in past 7 days 
Do you have a device you’d like to see Lifecard integrate with? Let us know by filling in the form below!
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