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Choosing your Lifecard subscription

The Lifecard app is free for anyone to download and use. However, if you’d like to have more storage, better sharing capabilities, and access to the extended features you may want to consider upgrading your subscription to a particular module available via the Marketplace.
You can find out how each of the Lifecard modules compares below.

All of the Lifecard modules, including our free version, allow for items to be added to the allergy, immunisation, measurements, medical conditions and medications, meaning no matter what level of Lifecard you choose to subscribe to, you will always have the ability to track, record and update your information under these headings anywhere, anytime. 

  • Ads
  • Storage of 2 attachments
  • 2 reminders
  • 2 shared accounts
  • 2 sub-accounts
  • No two-factor authentication
Diabetes, Over 60s and Pregnancy
$2.50per month
  • Ad free
  • Store more attachments
  • More reminders
  • More shared accounts
  • More sub-accounts
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Special dashboard
  • Education links

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