Lifecard App Features: The Marketplace

The Marketplace is where you can upgrade your level of access to Lifecard PHR.

Lifecard Pro

You can upgrade to Lifecard Pro which gives you more access within the app and removes any advertising. It gives you more in-app storage and allows you to share your account with as many people as you need.

Condition or lifestyle specific upgrades

We have developed specific condition or lifestyle specific sections of the app, often in conjunction with a partner in that space. See the MarketPlace section of the app to find out more.

These upgrades have a pre-built dashboard for your to record the most relevant measurements to your condition. There is also a link to relevant educational content to that condition.

If you have any questions on the marketplace, or you would like to talk about becoming a partner and collaborating on a new marketplace option, please contact us.

If you have not yet registered for Lifecard, download the app today or sign up online.

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