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Track asthma related data types such as peak flow test and number of asthma spells in a week


Set reminders to take their preventative medication each day, in order to reduce the reliance on Ventolin


Share your Lifecard account with your partner, family, doctor or anyone else

Take control of your health

Keep your health information in your pocket

Lifecard is a single spot to manage health conditions. This includes regular reminders to take preventative asthma puffers. Lifecard users can set reminders to take their preventative medication each day, in order to reduce the reliance on Ventolin.
Lifecard users can record all the medications they are taking to manage their asthma, plus other over-the-counter or prescription medications so they can easily view this data when they need to.

Making life easier

Users can save images or files to their Lifecard record for easy access. No longer do you need to scroll back through your camera roll, or carry around your hard copy the GP printed off. Save the asthma action plan to your Lifecard attachments so all your medical related information is in one app.
Lifecard also allows for the tracking of several asthma related data types; including patient record outcome measures.

Share your record with those that matter

Lifecard allows users to share their record with other Lifecard users. This means that elderly parents can share their asthma related parts of the medical record with their children, those that require care can share it with their carers, or anyone can share it with their medical provider.  Further to the sharing capability of Lifecard, users of the phone or web app can create sub accounts, particularly useful for keeping track of childrens health records, including medication records, medical history, planned and past immunisations and more.

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Australian Healthcare Software provider Global Health Limited (ASX: GLH) (“Global Health” or “Company”) is pleased to announce a new partnership of the Company’s Lifecard consumer health platform with Asthma Australia. Almost 3 million Australian’s live with asthma, costing the community $28 Billion in real and hidden costs annually. Almost half of people living with asthma…