Global Health’s Lifecard Partners with Glen Eira Football and Netball Club

Global Health is pleased to announce a sponsorship alliance with Glen Eira Football and Netball Club, a local sporting club located within Victoria’s South East.

The initial focus of the partnership will see Glen Eira players and members adopt the Lifecard Personal Health app club wide, in conjunction with the trainers and coaches using MasterCare+, the web based electronic medical record technology.

Kye Cherian, General Manager of MasterCare, said “Partnering with a sporting club such as Glen Eira provides us not only with the chance to explore a new potential market, but it allows for us to better adapt our product to align with the needs of sporting individuals in an exercise setting.”

“We have already seen the benefits that MasterCare+ brings to community and allied health services, it makes sense that sports trainers and qualified medical staff within the club also leverage technology like this to achieve the best results for players”.

The Lifecard app will be used by players and members of the club to maintain their health, share their details with their next of kin, and link their health records both existing and throughout the season with MasterCare+.

Glen Eira Football and Netball Club President, Ivan Delac, said he is delighted with the partnership, and the potential it provides for players and trainers.

“Using Lifecard within the Club’s community will not only enable trainers to better manage the health of our players, but it will also provide a tool they can use to manage their health from a Football and Netball perspective and also in their general lives outside of the club,” said Delac.

“The ability for a player to share their record with not only trainers, but also their Next of Kin, is a huge benefit for our community. We take player wellbeing very seriously at this club, and to be at the forefront of medical innovation in our league is a big step forward for us.”

The partnership will see the app become an essential component to helping Glen Eira players and members stay on top of their ongoing health problems and injuries in 2020.

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