Furmily First

Puns aside, just like for any other family member you can add a sub account for the fluffiest of them all!

Sub accounts created by you will be accessible from within your app, under your login. These accounts will share your email address.

Why is this handy? Your pet’s special dietary requirements, medications, and allergens can all be stored on the app for easy access. That’s not all – You can even store specific times for their training, for them to do their business and for your fur babies to be walked.

To create a new sub account go to the menu and click Settings. Once there, choose to ‘Add Account’ and fill in the details. Click Save.

Once created, you can access these accounts via your profile picture on the top right.

From here you will be able to add, access and view any data you wish to store concerning your pet and even share it with other family members when they’re on fur-babysitting duties.

Easily store vaccination history and attach pedigree certificates via the attachment section on the Lifecard App.

You can upload to this section via your camera roll on your phone, or via document upload on tablet or computer.
  • Set reminders for vet appointments
  • Add in any allergens, symptoms and medications including dosage and frequency
  • Track measurements like height, weight and blood pressure


Get started by downloading the app and creating an account by clicking the appropriate button below




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