Considering having a flu shot this year?
Make sure you record it in your Lifecard app for future reference.

Making a note of your past (and upcoming) immunisations is important. Having your immunisation history in your personal health record, on your phone or via the web, ensures that your health record is as complete as it could be.

To add your immunisation, go to the Health Record section of your Lifecard and select ‘Immunisations’.
Search for the immunisation you have had, or are planning on having and click ‘save’.

Watch the how to video here:

According to Health Direct, it takes between two and three weeks for the human body to develop immunity to the flu after you have the flu shot. Typically, the flu season in Australia runs from June to September, so talk to your GP to find out when you should be getting the flu shot.

The National Immunisation Program gives some Australians a free flu shot, you can check to see if you belong to any of the eligible categories on the Department of Health’s website or by talking to your Doctor.

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