Connected Health Records

Where does Lifecard PHR fit in with a Connected Health Record

Lifecard gives you a holistic view of your health information. You will be able to view your data from a variety of sources all in one place, including clinical information sent from your healthcare providers.  Add and store measurements, such as your vitals or test results, allergies, medications and medical history. This allows you to manage your health information in a single application; you can give access to family members and caretakers to view or edit your information.

So, what is a CHR?

A Connected Health Records (CHR) allows a holistic view of someone’s health. Increasingly, healthcare consumers like yourself are becoming more active in their health, helped with the prevalence of wearable technology such as smartwatches and healthcare in-home devices.

Different health care providers you see require slightly different information and ways of viewing data, therefore a single, ‘one size fits all’ solution is not a viable one. This is where the term ‘connected’ is important. It is connecting different sources to be relevant and helpful to the person using it to help deliver a better overall diagnosis and outcome when everyone is on the same page. Your Lifecard Personal Health Record is your view of this data.

At Global Health, we have always been passionate about connecting clinicians and consumers. Our 30+ years of experience in the healthcare industry has allowed us to realise the possible benefits of a continuous record that captures the most important information throughout someone’s life and health journey.

Are you a healthcare provider and want to find out more about Global Health’s Connected Health Records? Visit the Global Health website.