Manage Diabetes with Lifecard

Around 6% of Australian adults are reported to have diabetes

Australians living with diabetes find that they have a long list of things to do and check daily when it comes to managing their condition.

One of the biggest struggles in a diabetic’s day is balancing diabetes management with everything else. Between the regular blood glucose testing, medication, insulin and exercise, it can often feel like diabetes is taking over your life.

It can be quite overwhelming to remember everything on your own, so using the Lifecard app can take some of that stress away.

Lifecard for managing diabetes

It’s difficult remembering to take medication, insulin, test your blood glucose along with the things unrelated to your diabetes. Lifecard is an app that sends a push notification to your smartphone to remind you to take your medication or insulin and to help you better manage your diabetes by tracking your key measurements.

Not everyone will remember or want to bring their notebooks with them where ever they go to keep track of their measurements. Lifecard is a convenient way to manage your diabetes whenever and where ever you are. You can track and record your important measurements like AIC, blood sugar and more all in one place.

Keep note of things like your current medication or your last eye exam so you know when you’re due again. This will allow you to pick up on any trends in your results over time.

You may choose to share your Lifecard information with loved ones or healthcare providers; choose to share your full record or only certain sections. Also, specify if you want to share the record forever, or only for a specified amount of time. If your child or elderly parent has diabetes, you can create a sub-account which will give you the ability to track this for them all from one app login.

Control your diabetes so it doesn’t control you. Lifecard is here to help you can manage your diabetes anywhere and anytime.

What is Lifecard?

Lifecard empowers people like you, by giving you secure access to your own healthcare information and supports you in managing your health conditions. You can choose what healthcare information they’d like to store in their record and who you’d like to share it with.

Manage and control access to your Lifecard account such as what information gets added and who has access to it. Give access to family members, carers and healthcare providers to allow them to share your key health information with doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers from anywhere, at any time.

The benefits of using Lifecard

  • Safer, faster and more efficient care with connected care across Australia’s health system. Allow your doctors access for a more detailed view of your health
  • Securely store and protect your confidential health information all in one place
  • Control what you share and who you share it with and manage sub-accounts for your dependents
  • Easy access to your key health information in a medical emergency such as allergies and medication

Lifecard is available on computers, tablets and smartphones (App Store or Google Play).