Lifecard and HotHealth

Connecting you anywhere, anytime

What is HotHealth?

HotHealth is a digital engagement platform used by healthcare professionals as a way of providing extra care and engagement with their patients, clients and customers.

So, how does the Lifecard app fit in?

When you register an account to book online, undertake a video consultation, fill out a form or register as a business on the HotHealth platform you are automatically assigned a Lifecard Health Record account. You use the same login for both platforms.
Your healthcare provider’s HotHealth site gives you the ability to engage directly with your provider. On the other hand, the Lifecard app gives you the opportunity to manage and track your health through your own personal health record. You can access your Lifecard account via the My Account section of your healthcare provider’s website menu on their HotHealth site or via the Lifecard phone app.

Keep your health information in your pocket with Lifecard

One spot to store all your health-related information.
Store measurements, results, allergies, conditions, medications, immunisations, letters and more.

Making life easier

No more searching for old referrals or medical documents,
access your health information anywhere, anytime
from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Share your record with those that matter

Securely invite loved ones or healthcare providers to view,
edit or have full access to your health record.
Plus, create sub accounts for dependents.

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