Lifecard account sharing

Making the management of your health and the health of your loved ones easy!

Lifecard subscribers have total control of their records and can choose to share some or all of their personal health information. When sharing health records with other Lifecard accounts, you decide what parts you want to share, for how long you want to share it and you nominate who you want to share with, such as healthcare providers, carers, coaches and family members.

This feature is particularly useful for sharing key information with your emergency contacts. If you are managing an ongoing health condition you can share your Lifecard with your care team to access important information, and your healthcare providers can also add to your record, adding to the holistic view of your health. Providers can send clinical information such as measurements, referral letters or notes directly to your Lifecard.

In addition to sharing your record, you can create and manage sub-accounts for dependent children or for adults who cannot create their own, which can then be accessed directly from your own account. You can share their information with healthcare providers, store all their health information, communication securely, and access their Lifecard records anywhere and any time, from any device. Lifeacard allows users to better manage everyone’s health all from the one app.

Learn how to share your account

  1. Go to Menu, Settings and tap Sharing
  2. Tap + and enter the email address of the Lifecard account you wish to share with, then continue
  3. Choose the level of access you want to share and for how long, and follow the prompts tapping continue
  4. Tap invite to send and start sharing