Diabetes Victoria: Preventing Diabetes

Diabetes prevention

Type 1 diabetes

Currently type 1 diabetes can’t be prevented. However, researchers are looking into the autoimmune process and environmental factors that lead  to developing type 1 diabetes so that we may be able to prevent type 1 diabetes in the future.

Type 2 diabetes

Researchers in a number of countries have demonstrated that type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed by lifestyle intervention. Numerous clinical trials have demonstrated that the progression from pre-diabetes to type 2 diabetes can be prevented through structured lifestyle modification programs. This approach to type 2 diabetes prevention has been shown to be even more effective than taking medication and has a long-term beneficial effect on your health.

The Life! program is a free Victorian lifestyle modification program that helps people reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease and stroke. Run by expert health professionals, the program is delivered as a group course or a telephone health coaching service.

Using an evidence-based approach, the Life! program motivates and supports participants to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyle goals. Visit www.lifeprogram.org.au for more information.

This article was originally published by Diabetes Victoria at www.diabetesvic.org.au